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      Dr. Zhou's advanced playing ability will provide an excellent model of technique, tone, and musicianship for his students. I am continually impressed by his care to understand each step of training or new skill as it is introduced in these pedagogy courses. Well-trained teachers are crucial for the continued musical education of students. Dr. Zhou will contribute to this goal as he eagerly continues to learn and passionately develops his pedagogical skills. He is an enthusiastic, qualified, and dedicated educator.

— Nancy Lokken, Director for Augsburg University Suzuki Talent Education & first President of the Suzuki Association of Minnesota

      Dr. Zhou is already adept at teaching university level musicians, and via his Suzuki training, is now expanding his teaching toward early childhood ages. He is a qualified and passionate educator. I believe Dr. Zhou will contribute to the education and happiness of violinists wherever he finds himself, both children and adults, and will be a keen contributor to both the artistic and pedagogical fields of violin playing.

— Jenna Potts, Past President of the Suzuki Association of Massachusetts

     Dr. Yiming Zhou was the ideal teacher for my son. He is friendly, encouraging, and yet demanding in a gentle and positive way. My son made significant progress while working with Dr. Zhou in technique, intonation, phrasing, articulation, tone quality and musicianship. At Dr. Zhou's encouragement, my son entered a music competition, where he performed well and won the regional competition. This experience gave my son a strong sense of accomplishment. Dr. Zhou went the extra mile to bring music alive for my son, and he will do the same for your child.

— Jon, Librarian and Head of International Collections

      Dr. Zhou has developed a good rapport with my granddaughter and found what works best to help her improve her violin playing… Making small, incremental changes, I see and hear improvements in her bow stroke, bow hold, intonation, and tone. These skills make her phrasing and articulation more clear and pleasing to hear... Dr. Zhou also found an interesting performance opportunity, involving an adjudicated festival performance collaborating with a pianist of similar age... Young musicians working together helps them look beyond simply playing their notes.

 David, retired high school orchestra director

     Dr. Zhou is not only able to deliver his expertise in the performing arts of violin, but also deeply understands the needs and developmental stages of young children. He encourages my daughter to learn violin in a way that she understands while also pointing out fundamentals in each lesson to help her establish a solid foundation. He is very professional, organized, and patient, which are the characteristics we are looking for in a violin teacher for our daughter.

— Jessie, mother of a kindergarten student

      Yiming is able to quickly identify problems and offers practical solutions to improve to help reach your goals. He is organized, professional, and helped me prepare excerpts in a way that made me confident in auditioning.

— Abby, violin major

    Dr. Yiming Zhou is always meticulous and patient with his students. He gives specific instructions— enthusiastically demonstrating fingerings and posture when needed. He is considerate of his students’ personal lives in relations to their practice, and has helped me improve my abilities as a violinist by refining my skills such as sight-reading, vibrato, slides, and overall musicality.

 — Ana, high school senior

      Professor Zhou was my violin teacher at KU; he is one of the most professional and effective instructors I have had the pleasure of learning with. He is very skilled at communicating practical tips and has great attention to detail; he is always able to point out every area in need of improvement and provide the means to apply those changes. Also, he is great about following up on progress and assessing ability for choosing future pieces and exercises that focus on technical skills that are lacking; I advanced significantly in my abilities under his instruction. I am very fortunate to have been his student!

— Matthew, field engineer

      Yiming is a wonderful teacher! He taught me for a few years at the University of Kansas and it was really fun! He is very knowledgeable about the violin and musical techniques. He also let me help pick the repertoire that was playable at my skill level. His modeling skills on the violin are also top-notch. I am thankful that I was able to work with and learn from him.

— Stephen, music education major


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